SKBC Applications

Each year SKBC travels to a new location. Unfortunately that makes it rather difficult for the SKBC staff to autocrat the event each year. So instead, we divide up the responsibilities. Each year we seek bids from around the country on where SKBC should be held. At Keep on the Borderlands, FWACK (the committee that operates SKBC) will meet and go over all bids and make a final decision on all bids received. The site will primarily be chosen based on the details of the bids but factors such as distance from the previous sites, benefit to foam fighting groups in that area, and ease of convincing instructors to go will also be factored in. Bids can be sent to megiddo@swordknight.com.

What must be on the bid

Site Needs:

Local Site Autocrat Responsibilities

FWACK Responsibilities

For more information, please e-mail Noah (Megiddo) at megiddo@swordknight.com or on Facebook

Example Bids